Post-trail update: November

We are moving to Boulder, Colorado soon! woo, stay tuned for updates. Straight off the PCT and my eyes turn back toward the mountains. I am excited to join the mountaineering club in Boulder. We dreamed of moving to Boulder just after Mather Pass in the high Sierras, and we have decided to follow a dream rather than listen to practicality. I am thrilled with the choice and excited to be moving with good friends. We are very slowly coming back to civilization. Hello world, prepare for an ass kicking.

Pictures are from that day in July, PCT 2017

❤ -Captain Planet


Finishing the PCT 2,487 miles

We finished our hike at Crater Lake after south-bounding Oregon. I AM SO HAPPY TO FINISH during the year of fire and ice. It was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Thank you to everyone who helped along the way- I especially enjoyed meeting our last trail angels in Bend (Thanks John!), just when we thought everyone had forgotten about the PCT for the year- the trail provides. The love for the trail warmed our spirits as the world grew cold around us. And as the trail grew frighteningly silent, we came to terms with the solitary sounds of ourselves. The coming of winter was painfully obvious at the end.

What a strange experience to live in the wilderness, then find ourselves back in the modern world/lifestyle. The PCT feels like a hazy dream when I look back on it, but it has left a very real imprint on me. My body is different, the way I move is different, the way I approach the world is certainly different and now my entire life is different from where I left off in May. I welcome the change with open arms and strive to take confidence as I enter this uncertain time. Everything will be better than okay- everything is going to be fantastic. I am so grateful that I finished this trail strong, with energy and confidence in the face of what could be seen as an extremely bleak world. I am certain of what I saw out there- I am certain that nothing can influence me more than climbing up snow covered passes, trudging through rushing water, running from wildfires and understanding the environment around me through my own body- through my inherent connection to nature. I will take my experiences with me wherever I go.

-Captain Planet, PCT 2017


Oregon- Harvest Moon

On the Appalachian Trail I watched from the Hundred Mile Wilderness as the Harvest Moon rose in the sky over a lake. It seemed to signify the end of hiking season as it got very cold immediately after. Again, on the PCT I watched the harvest moonrise over a lake. It is time to end this hike and go inside. How strange that ending reminds me of finishing the Appalachian Trail. Maybe ending and beginning a long trail causes similar emotions, perhaps this is why we all chattered about the AT when we set foot on the PCT. I hope someday the first time thru-hikers will understand how emotional that experience truly is…


Section Elk Lake to Crater Lake